Rating : 3 ears - Capacity; : 5/8 people. - Issoudun Letrieix- Creuse 

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 Weekend  nights only 3
Thème; picking mushrooms,hiking
Périod: September,october,november 2017
 Inclued with lodging.

Spécialité Creusoise offerte pour le repas de vendredi midi
Duration indicative;1h at 2h30
                                  Participants: 2 people max
 When;  on Friday morning 
P Why not take advantage of recent sunny days to offer a weekend 3 nights (September to November), far from the tumult of the city?, Limousin soil fungi, offers calm and to extend its colors still a bit sweetness of the summer and push back the winter.  Enjoy the beautiful autumn days to come and pick mushrooms in the forests creusoises, follow an enthusiastic guide, you aerate in sub-wood, or simply to ask quietly and enjoy the peace.  Like fine cuisine? . Come and be pampered and breakfast specialties creusoises to taste.  Fruits and vegetables fall, picked up in the garden, are in the spotlight!  Weekend relaxation or weekend activity, you have a preference? No matter what your tastes, you will be welcomed to share with you their little corners of nature and get a taste of the art of living in Creuse!

"Go to the collection well shod, with a big basket, a knife, and a good guide ..".

 Below are the mushrooms that we will gather together.

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  •  Chapeau; 3 to 12 cm, convex among young specimens can funnel, fleshy, pale yellow to yellow-orange, egg yolk, àbords sinuous, pleasant smell
  •  Stand; fleshy about 1 to 2 cm in diameter widening upwards' with many folds
     Habitat; In plain, hardwood forests and conifers of August through October
  • Very good Mushroom & highly sought
  • Chapeau 10 to 30 cm, hemispheric and convex at the beginning, light brown, a little sticky in humid weather. La marge est soulignée d'un liseré blanc caractéristique. The margin is highlighted by a bright white characteristic.

    Bottom of the hat Tubes tight ends and easily separable from the foot, white and greenish-yellow, will not change its color to hit.
     Foot Foot measure 2 to 20 cm, white to light brown, it is sometimes obese in young specimens, it disappears in obesity as the fungus grown.  The foot is adorned with a little gray scored.
    . Habitat is spread throughout the forests of oak, beech, pine August to December.
    Very good Fungusn
  • Chapeau; to 4 15 cm  . , A massive, highly variable in shape  
  • Bottom of the hat; Aiguillons: tight, décurrents, long 3 -- 5 mm  , Frail, white and brown and cream...
  •  Pied fleshy about 2 to 4 cm in diameter widening upwards with many goads                           
  •   Habitat; In lowland hardwood forests, conifers, from August to October.    
  • Chair Blanche, strong and plentiful, rarely véreuse not suffering from any possible confusion.
  •  Very good Fungus
  • Chapeau 10to 30 cm spherical and ovoid first and then more or less to complete conical-shaped umbrella mamelonné.

     Bottom of the hat Blades tight white or grey creams then turned red on the edges with age.

     Large Pied up to 30 cm, a bulge at the base, a ring white flaky top, brown below, the foot was more or less brown mix of white in the ring.

    Fine Chair and softball in the fibrous cap in the foot, white or pink pleasant smell.
     Habitat It is found in forests, meadows, fields from July to October.
     Edible Fungus
Tips for cleaning, and you can try your taste buds by omission or with a meat sauce.. 

Fall is a beautiful season to go walks in the forest, see beautiful colors of leaves, wild fruits, some animals visible or audible, the emergence of countless mushrooms and breathe smells humus, leaves dead, ferns, and so on.
Although it is important to say that, if tolerated, picking mushrooms is regulated.  It does not loot or entering in the woods and fields at home.  Mushrooms belong to the owner of the land. . The first things to know before going to fungi is that they belong to the owners of the field, wood, forestry and so on. où on les trouve. Where they are found. . Whether the property is private or public, close or not, prohibited access by a sign or not, makes no difference. . For proof, simply refer to article 547 of the Civil Code which states: "the natural or industrial fruits of the earth belong to the owner by right of accession." . The mushrooms are therefore not public vegetables that we can pick up right at will particularly since they are free.  But it is a custom tolerated subject: to seek permission to the owner; respect the places, animals and ban billboards; to collect sparingly (10 litres per person maxima according to the prefectural orders types) ; consulting arrested by prefectural and municipal council especially since some species are prohibited from picking; to be careful not to trample or collect everything so that the fungi reproduce and know that any instrument other than the knife is prohibited.

. The owner is not obliged to prohibit or to close.  The owner of the land is not obliged to retain its right to the fruits of natural or industrial land, close his building or to deny access by means of posters or other means. In other words, failure to warn "by a panel picking mushrooms is not prohibited misconduct and does not allow collectors to do anything, much less to enter the property that it is a wood , a meadow, a field. without the permission of the owner.  subtraction of the thing of others without their permission is considered by the Criminal Code (Article 311-1) as a theft, punishable by a fine.Indeed, Article 331-2 of R forestry code says that "Indeed, without the permission of the landowner, to collect mushrooms is punishable by a fine as provided for the violation of the 2nd and 4th grade class when the volume extract is more than 5 litres. "Moreover, under section 549 of the Civil Code, the owner may seek restitution harvested mushrooms without permission and, failing that, demanding compensation.

 One final word of advice?
 Take the time to appreciate nature.  The mushrooms are edible gifts, they deserve to be discovered but the only way to do that is to take your time…